Earrings made from Baltic birch wood, leather and acrylics.  Designed in-house and hand assembled.  Not available in any other locations.

The Smokey Effect

It is not a mistake.  Earrings made of Baltic birch will bear a smokey stain across portions of the wood grain.  As the laser cuts into the wood with extreme heat, it produces a significant amount of smoke.  This smoke leaves behind a natural brown tint on the wood.  In the past our artisans would sand each piece.  With great feedback from our customers, they preferred that the natural color be retained.  You asked and we listened.

Do You Have A Design Idea?

Here is your chance to see a design you have in mind come to life.  Customers have a great voice into the direction of what products we generate.  Use our Contact Form to share your idea.  You may never know; if we use your idea we may just have to send you a free pair.




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