A set of 6 coasters, each with a unique design.  These make for the beginning of great conversation starters while serving a very useful purpose.

Choose your style

You can choose a round or square design.  Your selection with come with a  matching coaster caddy.

Choose Your Theme

Do you know somebody that is a bigfoot enthusiast?  Each individual coaster in our themed sets depicts a different design and original design.  Our Oregon theme reveals the amazing detail completed with a laser application process.  If you can’t make up your mind, why not select both designs.


The quality put into each of these products is both amazing and luxurious.  Contrasting stitching surrounds each coaster.  The matching coaster caddy includes the same highly detailed stitching and serves as a perfect match to keep your unused coasters neatly stored.  The material used is a simulated leather (leatherette) and can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth.

Buy Multiple Sets And Save On Shipping

Why not get a set for yourself and another set for your friends, or your cabin, or your RV or……   Well, you get the picture, enjoy!




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